Why Rodents Infest Older Homes And What You Can Do

Why are there rodents in older homes? It is a common question we receive at BugFlip Pest Control. Rats, mice, and other rodents are a common pest that invades homes and destroy property. We learn why homes that were built decades ago are much more frequented by pests than newer units. First of all, an existing infestation is one of the leading causes of rodents invading attics, basements, and several other areas of a home. Rodents like to make homes in places they find comfortable. In addition to this, a larger portion of older homes has been built using wood that was often made from softwood trees such as cedar, pine, or fir trees. This type of wood is easier to chew through quickly compared to hardwoods, making it easier for rats to move around and nest in the dark areas of your home.

Easy to access

Rodents are drawn to the easy access that comes with older building materials. They can chew through walls and floorboards, enter through small openings and gaps, and even slip through cracks in the foundation of your home. This makes it easier for them to get inside your house without you knowing about it until they’ve already made themselves at home!

Old buildings are often built of materials that offer good shelter

Old buildings are often built of materials that offer good shelter for rats and mice, such as wood and brick. The older the building, the more likely it is to have cracks in walls and floors that provide a way into attics and basements. Old buildings also tend to have more food sources available for rodents. For example, if an old house has been vacant for some time and is now occupied again, rats may move into it because the new residents are bringing in food and garbage. Rats like garbage because they can find seeds and other foods that they like there.

Older houses often have undisturbed attic spaces

Rodents often infest older homes because they offer the rodents a safe place to hide. Older houses often have undisturbed attic spaces, which can be a prime locations for mice and rats to establish their nests. These nests are usually made of insulation and other material that can be found in attics, like clothing and paper products. The nests provide warmth and protection for rodents during cold seasons when they would otherwise be exposed to harsh weather conditions outside.

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