Why Ants Keep Coming Back?

Ants keep coming back because they have a habit of creating nests underground. These nests can be found under rocks or in the ground, and they are constructed using dirt and small pebbles.

Ants build these nests in order to create an environment that is safe and comfortable for them to live in, as well as to store food for later use.

Ants will also use their nest as a place where they can raise their offspring, as well as a shelter against predators such as birds or small mammals. Ants have been known to create multiple nests throughout their lifetime, so it is common for them to return to a previously used nesting site once again when the time comes for them to start building another nest.

You're feeding them

Ants are attracted to the sugar and protein in your food, so if you leave crumbs or dirty dishes out, they’re going to come back for more.

You can get rid of ants by cleaning up after yourself and storing food properly, but if you want to prevent them from coming back for good, it’s important to address their source of food. You can do this by sealing up cracks in your home where ants enter.

They're building a home near you

Ants are just like humans: they need a place to live, and they want it to be comfortable and safe. A home that is well-constructed is one that ants will keep coming back to, so if you see ants in your home frequently, it’s possible that they are building a nest near your house. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to clean up food crumbs, sweep up dust bunnies, and make sure there aren’t any cracks in the foundation or walls where ants can get inside unnoticed.

How to Get Rid of Ants Permanently?

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