In the autumn, wasps start to feel the chill, and they begin looking for a place to make their nests. They like to build them in dark, enclosed spaces—so it’s really important that you don’t leave food out or leave your windows open at this time of year.

If a wasp does get into your home, don’t panic! This guide will help you figure out how to get it out again.

First, try to move slowly and keep calm as you capture it. A glass jar can be an effective way to trap a wasp inside, so you can move it outside without having to touch it.

You’ll need something for the wasp to crawl onto so it can climb into the jar. Try rolling up some paper and placing it in the jar with one end sticking out of the top—that way, if the wasp crawls onto the paper and falls off, it won’t be able to fly back up again.

Then shake the wasp out of whatever hiding spot it’s in (carefully!) and onto your makeshift paper ladder. Once it’s on there, put the lid on your jar or other container and release the wasp outside.

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We Include Wasps In Our Pest Control Package To Ensure That Your Unwanted Pests Are Completely Exterminated

When you sign up for our pest control package, we include wasps in our extermination regimen. This is because wasps are a common pest that can cause serious damage to your home. The fact that it’s included in our pest control package means that you won’t have to worry about it when you’re calling us for an inspection or for treatment.

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