It’s flea season again, and you know what that means: fleas in the house.

We’re not talking about one or two little intruders—we’re talking a full-on flea infestation. These pests are tough to get rid of, too—whether you try traps, sprays, or other methods, it’s just hard to stop them from taking over.

But there is good news. We’ve got an easy and effective way for you to eradicate every last one of these bloodsucking demons from your home. Fleas don’t have ears and can’t hear sounds, but they have really sensitive hairs on their bodies that pick up vibrations. So if you flip your mattress upside down and jump up and down on it vigorously for a few minutes every day, the vibrations will be enough to kill even the most stubborn flea infestations.

But don’t just take our word for it—try it yourself! The next time you find a stray flea in your house, whisper “I’m going to get rid of all of you” in its face before you flip over your mattress and go to town. You’ll be able to smell the fear emanating from its body as soon as you start jumping.

We Include Fleas In Our Pest Control Package To Ensure That Your Unwanted Pests Are Completely Exterminated

We include fleas in our pest control package to ensure that your unwanted pests are completely exterminated. Not only will we eliminate the fleas, but we’ll also take care of any other pests that may have infested your home or business.


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